Jackson Wright
Portrayed By Kellan Lutz
Full Name Jackson Ace Wright
Birthday March 18
Age 16
Class Sophomore
Position Student
Employment at
Sexuality Straight
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Jackson moved around a lot throughout his life, so he has an easy going manner when it comes to fitting in. Many think he is either a fun easy going kid, or the weird reserved sport’s player that doesn’t say much at times. He’s known as the son of Jacob Wright, who just moved his son and himself into town, as yet another stop on their trek all over with the military. He appears to have decent grades in classes and isn’t the one to walk down the halls like he’s a know it all.

Character Details

Jackson can be friendly and easy going, when he wants to be. But at times, he goes completely silent. He doesn’t enjoy being around a ton of people, most of the time, unless he’s with a very close friend. While he may interact easily with the popular kids, he doesn’t want to be around them all the time. He isn’t the “popular kid jerk” that plays as many sports as he does. Jackson likes to be a team player on the field, but is reserved when the timer runs out. He can get frustrated easily, if he is around too many people, if he doesn’t understand something, or if people are assuming he’s a jerk. He has a tendency to trust people he shouldn’t too easily.


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