Emma Maier
Portrayed By Emmy Rossum
Full Name Emmanuelle Sophie Maier
Birthday March 13
Age 17
Class Senior
Clique The Artists
Position Student
Employment at
[ Residential] Plot Page
RP Prefs
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stars-0.jpg uninterested
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Emma has a very small reputation, only because she's not very widely known. She's seen as the arrogant, coy wanna-be actress who hides behind the one or two popular kids she happens to know. She's very school-dedicated compared to the other kids, but wants desperately to change this image. She wants to venture into the "bad girl" side of herself, but struggles with the "how."

Character Details

Emma seems bland to begin with, like the typical goody-two-shoes in the school environment. Like all dispositions, this shifts depending on surroundings. While onstage, she seems fearless, but is also rather pompous, because she doesn't know what real acting is yet. When around her friends, however few and far between they are, she is much more comfortable, lacking that school-faced ways she has and is known for around classmates. She's a lot more casual; flexible, and is loyal to a fault. Even so, some would say her sex drive is underdeveloped, but that's only because she's passionately focused on her future, not sex. In spite of that, she still wonders…

Emma is a very intense feeler, sometimes appearing a little too sensitive. Her temper can be explosive: a great contrast to her regularly shy persona. She's supposed to come off as a little Mary Sue-ish, but that's only skin-deep.


Name Relation Notes
Connor Maier Father Connor is a fireman. He shares a weak relationship with his daughter.
Lucica Maier Mother Lucica is a medical field worker. Unlike Connor she shares a strong (but dwindling) relationship with her daughter.

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Finished Threads

Title OOC Date IC Date Quick Description
The Psychology of Rebellion June 11-30 June 11 Part 1 of 2 During a slow day in 4th hour Psychology, Emma meets Adam Blake and takes the first steps to discovering her inner bad girl when the couple bail of class and head for the beach.
The Psychology of Rebellion (Part 2) June 30 - July 3 June 11 Part 2 of 2 A slow day in Psychology introduces Emma to Adam Blake and to her inner bad-girl when Emma decides that skipping class seems like the best way to break in the summer. The two head to the beach and share a little small talk.

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