Eli Winston
Portrayed By Taylor Momsen
Full Name Eli Jhia Winston
Birthday September 7
Age 15
Class Sophomore
Position Student
Employment at
Sexuality As If
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RP Prefs
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stars-0.jpg uninterested
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Originally hailing from New Jersey, Eli realizes that her family is perceived as 'New Money' and therefore on the outer edge of the actual upper crust, but she doesn't seem to let it bother her. A bully, a delinquent, a tyrant, and a truant, she's the bane of many students' existance, and the fearless leader of many others. Class treasurer, many have questioned the decision to leave her in charge of the money, but so far, none has turned up missing.

Character Details

A vivacious extrovert, Eli is Trouble with a capital T. Mischievous smiles and half-cocked plans are her closest allies, "Oops?" is her excuse of choice, & she's firmly convinced money grows on trees in California. Lacking compassion, a conscience, or any shred of morality, she's always up for a good time, and the legality of her exploits should always be questioned thoroughly.


Name Relation Notes
Elijah Winston Father Father: A loving if distracted father, Elijah gives Eli the one thing his parents could never give him as a child - money. He spoils the girl rotten, though he regrets not being able to give her his time and affection - a sentiment that makes him all the more monetarily guilty generous.
Catalina Isilla Nanny Only 15 years Eli's senior, Catalina is finally a legal U.S. resident, happily attending college at Mr. Winston's expense while single-handedly raising his bundle of 'joy'.

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