Dean Kerrington III
Portrayed By AJ Abualrub
Full Name Dean Edward Kerrington III
Birthday July 14
Age 17
Class Junior
Position Student
Employment at
Sexuality ?
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Normal people fear, admire, and despise what they can’t have. Dean is the epitome of that. He’s what the mundane can’t be: incredibly wealthy, well connected, handsome, and amoral. But it’s also his physical ability and talent as a sportsman that sets him apart in the world of ubiquitous elites. He plays a major sport each season as a Varsity player. He also has history as a member of the Student Government and when holding office is known for his judicious predilection to vote for any notion that strengthens the overall power of the council and in-debts the student body to the governing system. He’s on good terms with faculty and it’s rumored that behind closed doors the teaching staff has his ear and allegiance - if the price is right.

Character Details

Dean carries the burden of the first born on his back. Although entering this world only a measly two minutes and thirty seven seconds sooner than his younger brother, he has taken the mantle of responsibility belonging to the eldest as well as the role of leader. He struggles to define himself as a loving senior to his siblings, an identical twin, and an individual with his own unique sensibilities. Hardly an over-achiever, he simply achieves. It’s in every Kerrington’s nature. Dean does just enough to get the desired results, either in life or love. And he wants everything he desires when he wants it, even though he knows, on some level, that he’ll soon grow disinterested in acquiring things he hasn’t earned himself. Consider it a type of pride. He isn’t above dishonesty or using under-handed tactics to achieve an advantage. Any win is a win. And Kerringtons are winners. Although there’s something special in a ruthless, brutal victory so one-sided that the opposition is not only humbled but humiliated. He’ll take any W. But the Big ones are the best ones.


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