Daina Sakong
Portrayed By Han Seung Yeon
Full Name Daina Joo-Eun Sakong
Birthday April 28, 1993
Age 17
Class Junior
Clique The International Crowd
Position Student
Employment Groundskeeper at North Beach Country Club
Sexuality Bisexual
Residential Plot Page
RP Prefs
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stars-0.jpg uninterested
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People who don't know her well might find her cheerfulness annoying and expect her to be naive or easily manipulated. People who try to use her usually find themselves wishing they'd done otherwise - she's not a pleasant enemy to have, and anyone who's made an enemy of her would know this.

Character Details

Vivacious! Daina Sakong has a deep love for life, and is usually bright and cheerful. She's seen things that would leave most people jaded, and isn't really naive - she knows how bad things can get and how unpleasant people can get; she just prefers not to let that bother her very much. Bright clothes,


Name Relation Notes
Chin-Hai Sakong father 54-year-old first-generation Korean immigrant; computer programmer. Daina is close to her father, and has learned a lot about her heritage from him.
Rachel Soon Sakong Mother 49-year-old, third-generation Korean-American, lawyer. Rachel returned to school to study law when Daina was a child, in addition to working part-time. Daina doesn't really know her mother very well, but she respects her.
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Finished Threads

Title OOC Date IC Date Quick Description
Rituals July 9-11 July 9 In which introductions are made and distances traveled. - On her first real day in Seaside, Victoria goes for a run and meets an unexpected friend in the person of Daina Sakong.

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