Clair Shaw
Portrayed By Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Full Name Rebecka Clair Shaw
Birthday January 1
Age 16
Class Junior
Clique The Popular Kids
Position Student
Employment at
Sexuality Undetermined
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Clair Shaw. American Sweetie with her heart on her sleeve. She always has a friendly smile those around her and seldom has a hateful thing to say. It’s been said more than once that Clair is almost too nice, something that either earns a roll of the eyes and comments of being a ‘goody-goody’, or a shrug and a dismissing topic change. Regardless, her pretty face, famous mother (and once famous father), and friendly disposition have gifted her a place in Seaside’s elite school status.

[Car Accident - 2009]
In other news last year (May of 2009) Clair and two friends were involved in a car accident that left the two other girls dead. There was discussion of alcohol being involved but tox screens proved otherwise. The case was closed a simple loss of control on the driver Emily’s behalf. Clair returned to school with her minor injuries two weeks later, and while the wreck is slipping into the past, the memory of the wreckage still allows Clair the occasional ‘how are you doing’ instead of hello.

Character Details

Clair is the very definition of spoiled rotten; of course, this comes with its own drawbacks unrelated to monetary freedom. Wealthy parents are often busy parents and being left with responsible yet regretfully child-less nannies is never a recipe for a confident and mature young girl. Possessing a fear of disappointing her shamefully successful parents Clair finds much of her time working diligently to succeed. Reflecting favorably upon her parents good name (especially her mother) is something that is very important to Clair (If only secretly). Living in the spotlight is not, after all an easy task. Especially when you have to deal with a divorce situation like hers.

On the outside Clair is, ultimately the quintessential "good girl," always maintaining a high grade point average, doing her fair share of charity work and community service, and sharing a ‘good morning’ and friendly smile to almost all that cross her path within the schools corridors.

Of course, there is another side of Clair. A side that is deeply troubled and essentially without care for many of those around her. Deep inside her mind Clair is often seething at those around her. Her friends, her family, even those very few she dates find themselves unknowing in the cross hairs of a young woman with very unchecked anger issues. The only question is why? And of course there is also the question of when she will finally drop the ball and expose herself for what and who she really is.


Name Relation Position Notes
Roselyn McGuire-Shaw Mother CEO of McGuire Modeling Agency in Hollywood/Ex Ford Model Ros (as she prefers to be called) shares a strained and almost professional relationship with her daughter. Clair’s pretty face has her mother constantly pressuring her into pursuing a modeling career, and while Clair has done a few small campaigns (mostly for her mother’s fashion related side projects) she fails to see modeling as a rational or long-term career choice. Ros does not agree. She also doesn’t hide her distaste with Clair living with her father in Seaside.
Julian Edward Shaw Father Ex-Acter/Small Time Producer Julian absolutely dotes on his daughter. Despite his messy divorce with her mother and his rather legendary coming out on national television, Julian sees no reason why his little girl is not the picture of perfection. Any visible signs of dysfunction or sadness in Clair is completely unrecognizable to her father. Julian retired from his long-term acting career after his engagement to his mate, Kyle Pattenfield. Clair loves her father(s), and while they are almost constantly manipulated, she adores Julian.
Kyle Pattenfield Step-Father(ish) Novelist Kyle can only be described as ‘passionate’ about all things. Slightly more obvious in his lifestyle than Julian, Kyle is never afraid to ‘let his hair down’ and have a great time, even if that means cranking up the tunes and dancing around the house. It’s slightly disconcerting to Clair that her father choose such a ‘kid’ as a mate, however Kyle is good in his own rights, and adores Clair as if she were his own. Clair also acknowledges how accepting Kyle is of his sons feelings about their living situation, and enjoys watching him try to ‘tone it down’ when Tyler has friends over. She herself? She respects him, and he makes a wonderful addition to her carefully constructed lifestyle.
Tyler Pattenfield Ste Brother(ish) 17/Student Tyler is Kyles son from his first marriage, and unlike his father Tyler is more than capable of finding the opposite sex attractive. Tyler is a handsome, athletic boy who, in reflection to his rather feminine father, seems to be the manliest male in the home. Tyler is also not exactly sure how he feels about Clair. She gives him..weird feelings. That said, he and Clair are not close, but are comfortable, and send a good deal of time hanging out, watching TV, or being social.

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