Christian Hill
Portrayed By William Moseley
Full Name Christian Jacob Hill IV
Birthday January 29
Age 17
Class Junior
Position Student
Employment at
Sexuality ?
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Anyone looking for the 'good-looking rich kid that's still somehow down to earth and approachable' should look elsewhere, immediately. Born into a life of extreme wealth and privilege, Christian never wanted for anything, and it shows in his tastes and expectations. Metrosexual, articulate, haughty, condescending, and rude - all wrapped in a silk kerchief that carries the unmistakable scent that really gets girls going: old money.

Character Details

Hailing from one of the oldest families in Seaside has its perks. Christian is well-known, both for his impressive background and his dashing good-looks. While some with lesser breeding might see his blond-frosted tips, perfectly manicured nails, and charming smile as 'fake', Christian knows better: Life is all about appearances. Known for extravagant parties, hosting the Seaside High High-Fashion Show for the past two years, soon to be three, and a myriad of other charity events, Christian is Seaside's own Prada-clad Devil.


Name Relation Notes
Daniella Anne Hill Mother A debutante of high social standing, she'd been the belle of her class in her heyday. Graduating high-school at seventeen, degrees in literature and art history from California State University, and married at twenty-one to her high-school sweetheart, Daniella settled gracefully into her role as a nurturing though at times disinterested mother and wife, of the opinion that children should be seen and not heard, and that husbands should firmly lay down the law of the household - the laws written by herself, naturally.
Christian Jacob III Father A fun-loving man, the head of the Hill family is often out sailing with the young and attractive coeds of the State University, under the guise of just being a 'friendly' professor. His indiscretions are legend, and yet he has no fear of his dutiful if dull wife leaving him - an ironclad prenuptial agreement has virtually guaranteed that til death do us part be a literal and tangible reality for the couple. Closer to his younger daughter than his son, he's quite fond of them both in his own way.
Christina Danielle Hill Sister Two years his junior, Chrissy will be a freshman this coming year, and Christian has been tasked with keeping an eye on the girl. Despite all evidence pointing at her being the pinnacle of a pristine Daddy's Girl and future debutante at her coming out next year, Christian is not fooled, and has heard the rumors that suggest there's more to his little sister than meets the eye. Nevertheless, he's quite fond of the girl, their separate social strata and indeed, wings of the estate, having kept them out of each others hair thus far, though that will certainly change as the girl enters high school.
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