Charlotte Eldridge
Portrayed By Willa Holland
Full Name Charlotte Madison Eldridge
Birthday September 8
Age 16
Class Junior
Position Student
Employment at
Sexuality Straight
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Being new to the school, Charlotte is completely unknown by all, but at her old school, Charlotte was well known by most of the school, mainly the popular kids and the artists, but she chose her company very selectively. She was known for being a bit obsessive with her art, and having the constant fragrance of darkroom chemicals around her. She was known to be strong-minded and opinionated, and most knew not to mess with her for fear that she would bite their head off. Charlotte likes to think that all of the girls want to be like her and all of the guys want to be with her, but who knows how right she is on that?

Character Details

Born into a wealthy family, Charlotte grew up in a large house with easy access to pretty much everything. With her father so consumed in his business, and her mother often off doing her own thing, Charlotte found small ways to defy her parents, be it through clothes, food, drugs, alcohol, or the people she associates with (both friends, and gentleman callers). Her parents want her to pursue a career in business, as she has made it clear that she does not want to be a 'trophy wife', but Charlotte is much more interested in art, mainly music and photography.

Charlotte can be kind of a bitch to people that she doesn't like or doesn't care to know. She often doesn't care who she hurts on the way to getting what she wants.

Charlotte comes off as having very good self esteem, but often frets about how she looks. You will never see her not made-up. If you do, something is wrong.


Name Relation Notes
Evelyn Louise Campbell Mother A 42 year old who is more often than not consumed with her own life to pay much attention to Charlotte.
Thomas James Eldridge Father A 47 year old and is the president of a large business that has been passed down for three generations. He had a good, but limited, relationship with Charlotte when she was younger, but as she got older, his obsession with his work put a hindrance to their relationship.


Her only car is a bike. A fixed gear/ single speed bike that Charlotte rides because it looks great, and she's not a fan of pollution.

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