Charlie Danner
Portrayed By Zach Gilford
Full Name Charlie Simon Danner
Birthday April 5, 1993
Age 17
Class Senior (Incoming)
Clique The Delinquents
Position ?
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Sexuality ?
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Most people think Charlie's a thick-headed, mindless asshole with the God complex. He gets detention all the time, so he's resented by the hard workers, but accepted by the sex addicts and chain-smoking sluts. People know he's got money (because most have seen his house at one point or another during one of his parties). They also know that he doesn't give a shit, and he wishes that would stop.

Character Details

Charlie is a mysterious not-so-bad-boy who has a lot of family issues, which tie into why he acts the way he does. He is lazy, quiet, sometimes pugnacious when fired up. First-hand, he seems very stand-offish and rude, but when you get to know him, you can tell that's only because he's a sensitive, endearing character who's just looking for someone to relate to. He isn't excessively self-aware, nor does he really want to be, but he is adamant about the way he feels and the way he wants things.

Charlie smokes. A lot. Any chance he gets, he lights up. It's a way of relieving stress, and now that he's close to failing his senior year of high school, it's only gotten worse. He's a generally reticent kid, but when you see him popping a cig, you know something's not right, or he'd just fucking bored. He refuses to try pot or crack, because his stepmom would do back-flips, and the last thing he needs is her on his back again. He hears enough of her whiny voice during the day—that is, when she's home and not out gambling or fucking his dad. He absolutely abhors her, and will do whatever he can to avoid any kind of human contact or communication with her. Not only does he resent her for marrying his dad, but she's an awful person as it is, and it's not like he needs any help being a scholarly failure.

He is desperatelythough subconsciouslysearching for some friends. People he can trust. People he can talk to. He goes to therapy for his issues, but what he really needs is a friend.


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