Cairine Taylor
Portrayed By Sarah Bolger
Full Name Cairine Marie Taylor
Birthday March 17, 1993
Age 16
Class Junior
Clique The Artists
Position Student
Employment Waitress at Skins
Sexuality Lesbian (Closeted)
Residential Plot Page
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Cairine is usually well-liked by her peers, and respected by but frustrating to those in positions of authority. However, she might be considered a bit of a prude due to how rarely she dates, in spite of ample offers.

Character Details

Cairine likes to think of herself as an average girl, while being distinctly out of the ordinary. She's exceptionally adventurous, to the point where some have accused her of having no sense of self-preservation, and is a good bit smarter than she thinks she is. She often finds classes unchallenging, which is the source of most of her disciplinary trouble in school.

She's got a very friendly smile, and is loyal almost to a fault. She doesn't consider herself a rebel, but often finds herself working against established ideas anyway. Her greatest fault is a lack of self-analysis; her greatest virtue is her daring creativity.


Name Relation Notes
Erik Taylor Father Distant but warm relationship. Cairine sees relatively little of him, but they get along in the time they spend together.
Andrew Taylor Fraternal Twin Brother Cairine is close to her brother and trusts him not to abandon her, but is also very aware that he has a hard time keeping his mouth shut.
Margaret Reed Aunt Older sister to Erik; twice widowed. Cairine lives with her, but Margaret pays little attention to her. The two of them do eat breakfast together most days, though, and the breakfasts are cordial.

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