Benton Kerrington
Portrayed By AJ Abualrub
Full Name Benton Worthington Kerrington II
Birthday July 14
Age 17
Class Junior
Position Student
Employment at
Sexuality ?
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Benton does everything he can to give back to the community, from outreach programs, to neighborhood beautification, to soup kitchen work. His hobby is helping others. Now, some kids might think he’d be the perfect butt of a “kick me” joke, but Benton doesn't mind. He only tries his best. While functioning as a member of the Government body in the past, he strived to always put student needs above his own. He’ll entertain any request, at any time, and is always thoughtful and considerate of others feelings and input. But most notable is his work in the Student Ministry. Perhaps it’s the impetus for his community activities? But rumor has it he doesn’t intend on running the family board from big brother’s shadow. But that he aspires to have a life in politics.

Character Details

Beneath the quiet exterior, Benton holds deep convictions about the weightier matters of life. A natural born activist, he gravitates toward those who need him most. (At the moment, however, and quite conveniently, Dean seems to monopolize much of his concern and energy.) But if there are the oppressed and downtrodden, people in acute distress needing to be rescued, there will be Benton. He knows that as second born he’ll inherit what he can, which would still be more than enough – he’s a Kerrington after all, fated to live a lavish lifestyle beyond the means and comprehension of the ordinary person. So why not use his skills to help others, and the family business along the way. Aid offered not through savvy investments and corporate maneuvering, but through good needs and social responsibility. The kind that attract media attention and raise publicly traded stock options.

Benton isn’t as cuddly as others believe him to be. If it boils down to achieving the right outcome over the wrong one, he’ll use whatever tools at his disposal to fight for what he believes to be justice. The means justify the ends if the greater good is served in the process. To Benton, life can be distilled down into two camps: The good and the bad. The good serve a purpose in society and build others up. The bad function as deleterious influences undermining the advancements of social unity and civil progress. It’s a cancer. A victimizer of the defenseless. And no one cares if cancer is “cured.” Especially Kerringtons – who have donated significant sums to pediatric research.


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