Angelia Kates
Portrayed By Alexandria Mills
Full Name Angelia Kates
Birthday January 4, 1994
Age 16
Class Junior
Clique The Popular Kids
Position Student
Employment at
Sexuality Straight
Residential Plot Page
RP Prefs
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Social stars-4.jpg
Adult stars-4.jpg
Angst stars-3.jpg
Romance stars-4.jpg
Violence stars-1.jpg
stars-0.jpg uninterested
stars-1.jpg 1 mild - 5 interest


Angelia is most known for her connections to other people - her frequent relationships with Adam, her family's wealth and position in the community, her rivalries with various other alpha females of Seaside. This is something that frustrates her to no end - she wants to be known for what she does, not for who she knows.

Character Details

People who talk to her on the phone expect her to be a redhead - "fiery" is the word of the day when dealing with Angelina Kates. She's got a short fuse and more passion than a make-out party, a dangerous combination.


Name Relation Notes
Carson Kates Father Stern, proud man of great wealth and great importance. Carson has little to do with his daughter's day to day life, leaving her in the care of various staff.
Katherine Kates Mother Totally unaware of how funny her name is. Totally unaware of a great many things.
Antony Kates Older Brother Spends most of his time making the family look bad in San Francisco and wasting his father's money.
Czarina Her car What, can't a car be part of the family?

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Finished Threads

Title OOC Date IC Date Quick Description
A Meeting of the Utmost Eminence July 12 July 12 In which fate is tempted and unexpected guests are welcomed. - The Kates family arrives to welcome the Blackwells to the neighborhood. Combustion ensues.

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