Alyssa Persall
Portrayed By Demi Lovato
Full Name Alyssa Nichole Persall
Birthday June 22, 1994
Age 16
Class Junior
Position Student
Employment at
Sexuality ?
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Alyssa got to Seaside in January, when the second semester started. Among the Brains she is well-known, but it’s doubtful many of the popular kids even know who she is. In her own little realm, Alyssa thinks she’s pretty cool and important. Brainy, not /completely/ geeky looking, and happily successful, she’s actually rather shocked when people don’t know her. They don’t. She’s that newspaper girl that tries to stick her nose in stuff sometimes, and she talks WAY too much in class.

Character Details

Driven, passionate, and intelligent, Alyssa’s vivid personality can come off too strongly on some of the other students, especially considering she recently moved into town from the neighboring city of Marina. She’s the kind of girl that raises her hand in every class, even after the bell rings, making everyone stay longer. She’s the kind of girl that all of the other quieter girls look up to, because not only did she finish Harry Potter before everyone else, she also was the first to wear a /B cup/ bra. Alyssa is a natural born leader that takes every opportunity to “move up.”

Needless to say, with such a strong personality, she’s not the type of girl that typically has her homework copied, although there’s no doubt every calculus problem is solved with fluid ease, each 7 neatly crossed with a tick mark ‘cross its middle, just because it looks more elegant that way. Truthfully, nobody would want to ask. It’s not that she’s cocky; she’s just a little…irritating sometimes.

Competitive might be a good word for her. The girl is clumsy as all get out, but start talking SAT scores and her voice will rise just as quickly as Twilight became a fad.

She’s trying to become the next editor-in-chief for the school paper, and has no qualms about learning the latest gossip. She secretly idolizes Simone Says – she might never be popular enough to BE one of those talked about, but oh! She could write a good headline, twist a word or two around her finger and play with emotions across paper or across a screen.

Alyssa’s need to accomplish and her ingrained belief that, if she tries hard enough, she can make most things happen, usually tend to be her downfall. Failure comes with trembling hands and shame – and when others fail her tragically determined personality, she’s left with the disappointment.

That being said, she’s a bit naïve, but tries to put up a good enough façade to hide it. Though as some will so critically point out, when your favorite TV show is an anime (let’s face it, she’s still a Brain), that’s a little hard to hide.



Name Relation Notes
Bob Persall Father A man’s man for sure, Bob is a bit more responsible than his wife, but he’s still a dreamer of sorts. He’s a humble man that’s happy with what he has. He used to be more of a business man, but he considers himself now more of a family man.
Lynne Persall Mother Alyssa’s mother. A devoted, albeit slightly irresponsible woman. She loves her children, but she’s not very good at managing her finances. Or her time. She’s that woman in line at the bank that never has her stuff pulled together, that person forgetting their turn, but on the other hand, she’s hopeless positive and quite harmless.
Catie Persall Younger Sister Alyssa’s younger sister, who is entering her freshman year. Catie is shy, artsy, and smart, but not much like Alyssa. The two get along quite well, though there is question of perhaps some pent up resentment Catie holds in store. Her friends say one day she’ll go wild. Alyssa’s still waiting for that Mohawk.

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