Adam Blake
Portrayed By Riley L.
Full Name Adam Alexander Blake
Birthday August 9
Age 16
Class Sophomore
Clique The Popular Kids
Position Lacrosse Player/Student
Employment at
Sexuality Straight
Residential Plot Page
RP Prefs
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Adam Blake is a star on the Lacrosse team of Seaside Academy, and the son of local businessman Aaron Blake. His grandparents are also well known, his grandfather being none other than Judge Charles Blake, a recently retired icon in the judicial community of Seaside and Monterey. It’s a very good thing that his family has as much reputation as it does, because outside of his impressive academic success and his position on the team, Adam has very little reputation to speak of.

Character Details

If there were ever a more relaxed and calm guy, he’s yet to show his face at Seaside Academy. Adam is the very picture of calm. Easy going, friendly, and a gifted athlete, Adam breaks the mold of ‘dumb jock’ without much effort. That doesn’t mean, of course, that he doesn’t have his faults. He’s painfully awkward around girls which is often marked up to simply lacking that portion of the brain, and when all else fails…Adam’s ability to resist peer pressure caves in like a styrofoam cup.

That Other Stuff

Tucked at the end of Sunset Cove, the Blake family reside in their three story home with a carefully tended yard, expansive space, and historical standing. The house is old, fully restored to its original beauty. The family doesn’t have many parties in the home, instead preferring one of Adam’s father’s restaurants for get-togethers and meetings. The house comes complete with a pool that seldom sees anyone more than once a summer.


Name Relation Notes
Aaron Blake Father Adam’s father is a local businessman known for his success in the restaurant industry. He is also a Seaside alumni himself, and never misses an opportunity to boast of his son's impressive lacrosse skills and academic performance. He also never misses one of Adam’s games.
Allison Anthony-Blake Stepmother Allison married into the family when Adam was still young, and despite being *much* younger than his father, she continues to be the model mother to the teen. She's also quite the looker, which has lead to a few problems for the young man during his teenage life.
Charles Blake Grandfather Judge Charles Blake remains an icon in the areas judicial community. He's also a proud grandfather who, like his wife Annie, never passes up a chance to dote on his one and only grandson. He also prides his family on hard work.
Abbey Grace Blake Half-Sister She's only just turned 2, but the toddler is a constant fixture on the teenage boys leg these days. Adam enjoys having a little one around the house, admittedly, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't want to hurl himself out the window at times.

That Other Stuff

Finished Threads

Title OOC Date IC Date Quick Description
Study Hall Fail June 3-June4 June 3, 2010 5th house Study Hall homework is lost to conversation as Ashley and Adam discuss the upcoming summer, parties, and his shocking laziness.
Gossip By The Sea June 10,2010 June 10, 2010 Meeting up on the beach Adam and Ashley cover the latest gossip about themselves as well as cover a few newer rumors that Ashley had been unaware of.
The Psychology of Rebellion June 11-30 June 11 Part 1 of 2 During a slow day in 4th hour Psychology, Emma meets Adam Blake and takes the first steps to discovering her inner bad girl when the couple bail of class and head for the beach.
The Psychology of Rebellion (Part 2) June 30 - July 3 June 11 Part 2 of 2 A slow day in Psychology introduces Emma to Adam Blake and to her inner bad-girl when Emma decides that skipping class seems like the best way to break in the summer. The two head to the beach and share a little small talk.

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